Los Angeles based Fractional CTO, tech consultant, author, & film producer


Internet consultant with 25 years experience. Ryan is available for remote and metro LA contracts as a Fractional CTO, Tech Advisor, & Senior Engineer.

Books I've Written

Published in 2017, the book Disregarded Entity: Lessons Learned by a 15 Year Freelancer is a collection of lessons, methods, and stories from my 15 years as a self-employed small business owner. My full Amazon author profile is here.


Swiss Army Knife

I've often been called a Swiss army knife of technology solutions, and am the mercenary you call into your chaos to get things in order fast.

As a Fractional CTO, I've consulted executives on the best approaches, interviewed and hired staff, then lead teams of developers for quick turnaround projects as well as more in depth ongoing projects. I've worked with in-office teams and outsourced teams (both local and international).


Technologies I am using right now

  • Django, Python
  • AI: OpenAI, ChatGPT, Replicate, Langchain
  • Nostr
  • Bitcoin, Lightning Network
  • AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure
  • Javascript
  • Connected TV: Roku Brightscript, Ant Media Server
  • Linux: Ubuntu

AI generated games on Nostr

Choose Your Fate: 100+ quick AI-powered Text Based role playing games inspired by Choose Your Own Adventure books. Players respond with an action choice and then AI generates the next round of the game. This continues until the player wins the game or they die from making a wrong choice. Multiple users can play the same game. If the game is won, all players split a pool of Bitcoin Satoshis.

Trivia Masters & Wine Masters: Trivia bots that post random trivia questions. The first to answer correctly wins Bitcoin Satoshis. A consolation winner is also selected from everyone else who answered.

More details at the Game Masters site.



Created in 2001, VersusMedia helps independent filmmakers and musicians work together, and broadcasts films and music videos on connected TV devices. Currently available as a PWA (progressive web app), Roku, and Apple TV app.

Some of the films streamed can be found at VersusMedia's IMDB.


Mandarin Chinese Proficiency 中文普通话

6+ years training with ongoing proficiency advancement. Taken several solo immersion trips to Chinese cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Yantai, Kunming, and Mile.


AI powered event reminders

For years, I found it frustrating to come across articles or social media posts filled with pictures of events that had just occurred, especially when they were annual. I originally created SocialBug.ai for myself, but decided to open it up for everyone else as well.




I enjoy making wine in my spare time. I have experience in vineyards with pruning and harvesting grapes. I also crush, ferment, press, age, and bottle my own amateur wines.


Wine Blog

I started a blog to help myself learn more about wine as well as explore unique wines from around the world. Since then, it has helped me learn about wines across all 50 United States as well as launched another hobby of mine: photography.



Just a hobbyist photographer taking pictures of what interests me. I do have a few pictures on Shutterstock.


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